'A Silent Voice' - Movie Review

The movie starts with a teen (Shoya Ishida, voiced by Miyu Irino) planning to commit suicide. He cleans up his room, pays his debts, and is fortunately stopped by his sister. This sends him on a replay of grade 6, where he horribly bullied a deaf girl in the class. She's driven from the school, but eventually his bullying turns on him and by high school he's a social outcast. Which led to him standing on the edge of a bridge ...

This leads to Ishida trying to make amends with the girl he bullied. He's repentant, but also doesn't think he's worthy of forgiveness ... and anyway it doesn't go well. The movie follows both his painful path to something resembling redemption and her equally painful path to partial recovery.

The movie is incredibly beautiful in places. It's often uncomfortable to watch, has a lot to say about bullying and social anxiety, and is often heartbreaking. Atypical for Anime, and highly recommended.