Photographs, May and June 2007

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On June 24th I went out graffiti hunting with a friend. I liked the results, and I've posted them with less culling than usual.

Image 200706.20070425.5724.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 32711 b
Image 200706.20070624.5930.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 66863 b
Image 200706.20070420.5718.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 254405 b
Image 200706.20070429.5726.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 65578 b
Image 200706.20070526.5733.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 88770 b
Image 200706.20070526.5736.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 125783 b
Image 200706.20070526.5739.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 73611 b
Image 200706.20070526.5802.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 82090 b
Image 200706.20070526.5810.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 56623 b
Image 200706.20070526.5818.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 136462 b
Image 200706.20070624.2142.Pien.Sony.html, size 93665 b
Image 200706.20070624.5846.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 127916 b
Image 200706.20070624.5847.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 121860 b
Image 200706.20070624.5849.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 133872 b
Image 200706.20070624.5852.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 143277 b
Image 200706.20070624.5854.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 140822 b
Image 200706.20070624.5857.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 108552 b
Image 200706.20070624.5858.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 181164 b
Image 200706.20070624.5859.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 101245 b
Image 200706.20070624.5861.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 250422 b
Image 200706.20070624.5866.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 138457 b
Image 200706.20070624.5870.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 175009 b
Image 200706.20070624.5871.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 115411 b
Image 200706.20070624.5873.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 193295 b
Image 200706.20070624.5874.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 176016 b
Image 200706.20070624.5877.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 151507 b
Image 200706.20070624.5880.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 124935 b
Image 200706.20070624.5881.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 187781 b
Image 200706.20070624.5882.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 157720 b
Image 200706.20070624.5884.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 162337 b
Image 200706.20070624.5887.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 126434 b
Image 200706.20070624.5889.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 196490 b
Image 200706.20070624.5894.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 113562 b
Image 200706.20070624.5896.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 132475 b
Image 200706.20070624.5897.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 141821 b
Image 200706.20070624.5898.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 83895 b
Image 200706.20070624.5899.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 138827 b
Image 200706.20070624.5900.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 119372 b
Image 200706.20070624.5901.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 88091 b
Image 200706.20070624.5903.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 154618 b
Image 200706.20070624.5904.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 75236 b
Image 200706.20070624.5905.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 161743 b
Image 200706.20070624.5908.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 166243 b
Image 200706.20070624.5915.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 115503 b
Image 200706.20070624.5932.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 84693 b
Image 200706.20070624.5935.GO.Nikon5400.html, size 38080 b  (go
by giles